Lost & Found

Her fiancé is missing, her fortune non-existent and the Marquess is unable to declare his love. The outlook for Governess Alice Merryam seems grim.

Governess Alice Merryam’s fiancé is lost at Waterloo, but even three years later his mother won’t admit that he’s gone, so Alice can’t move on. Her life is in limbo—but does that matter when she’s unmarriageable without a dowr

Her employer, William, Marquess Fenton, has an unfortunate tendre for her. He doesn’t think she’d be interested in a stodgy bore like him; but if he can set her free to be happy with someone else, he will.

William travels to Belgium to find irrefutable proof of her fiancé’s death—but what he finds will set all their lives in disarray.

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You can get the prequel to Lost & Found here: it’s called Eleven Pipers Piping I published it with Escape Publishing a few years ago, when I was still using the name Pamela Hart for my Regencies – but I promise, she’s me!